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Ashlee was a great friend .. She always knew what was going on and always knew how to fix everything. She was my best friend and i will NEVER forget her and her laugh... There is so much her beautiful soul has left behind, But she will never be forgotten.
Love you Ash.. Love Victoria
Aunty Shannon

I can recall as clear as day your mother calling me in a frantic because Ethan was stuck in the drain pipe by your house. Some how you managed to convience your little brother to crawl into the culvert and he got stuck.


Ashleee there are so many memories to leave here that I recall. You always brought the laughter to any family gathering and you loved to pull pranks. I recall you, Brytney and Nicole dressing up like Memer'e Ledouxe with those silly shower caps and walking around the house bent over like you had a hunched back and talking like memer'e. How silly you girls were.


How you so loved to fish off the dock at the lake when it was just a camp, and would catch fireflys and put them in a jar to see how long they would glow for. How you would tell mommy I only had one smoore so far when we knew you had snuck another one already.


Ashlee you loved everyone around you and you always let each one of us know that. I love you Ashlee Rose and miss you immensly. I know when I enter into the Kingdom of God you will be right there waiting to guide each one of us and show us to our new Mansions!!!!


My Heart has been broken and only those who have lost such as we have will ever know the heartache that will forever be there as I have lost a precious jewel that no other diamond along the way will ever be able to fill. I Love you DOE!!!!!

Krysten Burns

You are one of my best friends. Everytime I think of you I remeber of all the amazing times we had together. Birthdays, sleepovers, and just hanging out. Our family parties were so crazy. I remember one time we were all out on your swingset and we heard the hunter guy behind us and ran inside. I remember playing survivor and capture the flag, and making christmas cookies. I remember one time we were pretending to be sleeping so we could have a sleepover and Ethan was mad because he new we were faking it. The time me and Kaitlyn slept over at your house and you put makeup on Brytney's face and you thought your mom was mad at us but she told us to wake her up next time so she could do it to. Paradise by the Dashborad Light and Bat Out of Hell were like our families "theme songs" You and your whole family were like a second family to me and I'm so happy I got to have someone as amazing as you in my life. You'll always be in m heart ♥    

David Burns
We met your family ten years ago and hit it off immediately (even though your dad is a Redskins fan and I a Cowboys fan).  You became a part of our family in just a short amount of time.  Closeness is one thing Sequoia Lane fostered.  Then you and your family moved away.  I remember the emotion of losing you as neighbors.  We got up early in the morning (real early) and stood on the porch in the dark and waved goodbye to you as you drove by .  You moved back to Scarborough and we could not have been happier.  The kids wished for you to come back and it came true.  This time you came back to live on Memory Lane.  Not our neighbors but still our friends and a part of our family.  Once again you would find life directing you back to Florida.  We have lost touch but have never forgotten.  Now Ashlee, you will always live on Memory Lane.  Sleep well and welcome your new role as one of your mom's angels.
Megan Boos
I remember when i first met you. it was when me, you and robbie were going to get shelby from work and then we were going to the ft myres beach and hang out. then everything i'd see you and a group of friends headed to the rest room at school i would yell "Hi Ashlee!" from across thelunch table and then wave to you and smile. you would smile back and then i went though the rest of the day happy because i love your smile. and when ever Robbie drove you home after school you would sit in the front and we would listen to music and laugh. And when you got out of the car i gave you the biggest hug. you always gave the best hugs. I will miss you forver untill we meet again. Love You Ashlee. <3 <3 <3
Kaitlyn Burns
It seems like it was only yesterday we were playing that game of survivor and Ethan got stuck in a sewer pipe haha. You and Brytney were the first two people I met when we all moved to Sequoia. There are so many memories I have of our families it's hard to even know where to begin. So many parties, new years, capture the flag games, obsessing over Brytney's N'SYNC game, halloween, winter sledding, "crASHLEE," you riding your bike into the closed garage door, face painting, visiting you guys in Florida, and of course we can't forget Paradise by the Dashboard Light =) I'm really glad I met you. Your laugh and smile were contagious and will live on inside everyone you have touched <3 <3 <3
Denise Kosmala
You and Alyssa always filled my house with laughter. Your instant messages to me while I was in class, making me laugh and disrupt the whole class. The things we said to each other...Ashlee, "Alyssa is planning to run away"......Denise "me and your dad are running away together".........Ashlee, "Alyssa's pregnant".......Densie "Your dad is sending you to a bad kids home".......Ashlee "STOP IT, can I take Alyssa with me. Denise "Yep, cuz me and daddy will be living it up" Some things are just too difficult or embarrassing to go to your parents when you're a teen age girl, I'm so grateful Ashlee loved me enough to come to me with those things. My daughter loved her unconditionally. Her love for her was consistent and their bond was stronger than anything I have ever witnessed. I think they had one fight in five years. I remember talking to Ashlee at the time about it. Alyssa being a year behind her, was just too childish for Ashlee being a big high school girl. About a week later, Ashlee was over, painting their faces and acting like wild monkeys. I had a special relationship with Ashlee and seen her through some of her toughest times. I will miss you ugly face.......
I can remember that smile and it will live forever in my heart. You are in heaven keeping an eye on the whole family and were all so lucky too have a very special angel watching over us. Love you ashlee! Aunt jeannine
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